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3 coursing a roof

How To Roofing - 3 Course Mesh Detailing Completely & Without Bridging

Contractor Corner by Corey on YouTube by @bvschwartz
English Opening

Basic Chess Openings Explained

GothamChess on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Can your dishwasher clean these!

Detergent packs are kinda wishy-washy (Dishwashers Explained)

Technology Connections on YouTube by @anonymous
Linear hyperplane?

Face editing with Generative Adversarial Networks

Arxiv Insights on YouTube by @anonymous
Hmm.... "I think the magic square all works now"

You Won't Believe This ...

Cracking The Cryptic on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Let's get these sliced up into individual steaks.

Grass Fed Beef vs Grain Fed Beef (What's the Difference) | The Bearded Butchers

The Bearded Butchers on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Scan face Apple Face ID UX

How To Setup FaceID On iPhone X - Tutorial

Dusty Porter on YouTube by @xinchung
Nixon Deep Fake

When A.I. Becomes Creative

ColdFusion on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Knitted Cline Bottle!

Four Dimensional Maths: Things to See and Hear in the Fourth Dimension - with Matt Parker

The Royal Institution on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Deep Face Training Data

We Made The Best Deepfake on The Internet

Corridor Crew on YouTube by @bvschwartz
REstyle sample

Michael Jackson - Black Or White (Official Video - Shortened Version)

michaeljacksonVEVO on YouTube by @xinchung
Old Frame Chen Taijiquan 9. Embrace Knee (Lou Xi)

Chen style Taichi old series one 74 movements 3

Hou FRED on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Watch this!

All Sports Baseball Battle | Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Melania Entrance

Day 2 of the Republican National Convention

KTLA 5 on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Charlottesville in context

President Donald Trump On Charlottesville: You Had Very Fine People, On Both Sides | CNBC

CNBC on YouTube by @bvschwartz
cheap antigen test

How to Fix COVID-19 Testing Q/A with Dr. Michael Mina: At Home Daily Quick Tests

MedCram - Medical Lectures Explained CLEARLY on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Zelenko on Quercetin

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko Treats Covid-19 With Hydroxychloroquine & Zinc - Dose Of Dr. Drew

Dr. Drew on YouTube by @bvschwartz
How to fillet a Coho salmon

How to Fillet Salmon, Monster Kings, Coho and Pinks! (By Captain Cody )

Captain Cody on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Andy Ngo testifies to congress

Hearing on Protecting Free Speech and Preventing Violent Protests |

From c-span by @upotato88
OMG this happened to me!

How to remove the toilet seat from a Kohler One-piece Model K3434

emf4kv on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Apple Silicon

Apple WWDC 2020 keynote in 18 minutes

The Verge on YouTube by @aurelir

CSM Middle College 2020 Virtual Graduation

Envision Pro AV on YouTube by @bvschwartz
It even handles Sample Rate Conversion

Training Sound Classification Models in Create ML - WWDC 2019 - Videos - Apple Developer

From apple by @bvschwartz
Put headset in developer mode, we'll be using side loading

Multiple User Profiles on Oculus Quest!

Tyco Tech on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Scott's favorite sales story

Episode 991 Scott Adams: Taking Your Questions and Making Your Fears Disappear

Real Coffee with Scott Adams on YouTube by @bvschwartz

Get that Toned Legs & Round Booty Workout | Hourglass Program

Chloe Ting on YouTube by @xinchung
Game Review

3D KGS Basics? - Back to Basic Baduk

dwyrin on YouTube by @bvschwartz

Total Body Power Yoga Quarantine Challenge Day 1 | Yoga With Tim

Yoga With Tim on YouTube by @xinchung

Ashtanga Yoga - Third Series Demonstration with Laruga Glaser

Purple Valley Ashtanga Yoga on YouTube by @xinchung
Curved serrated knife for cutting bread

63: How to Cut Bread PROPERLY - Bake with Jack

Bake with Jack on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Euler's Solution to Infinite Series

What is the Riemann Hypothesis?

Physics Explained on YouTube by @anonymous
Sun in shutdown? Cold weather coming?

The Sun CAN Nova, Climate Model Forcings and Failures | S0 News May.17.2020

Suspicious0bservers on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Now with animated GIF!

Bruce Lee Lightsabers Scene Recreation (Duel Of Fates edit)

V media productions on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Who is this JOKER?

Stossel Fox Business interviews TrustCloud

trustcloudmedia on YouTube by @xinchung

Bruce Lee : Ping pong with Nunchucks

2005bluetank on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Start off by taking a nice deep breath

I Love Me! Full length hypnosis session. A self love bomb of Hypnotic Goodness!

Wendi Friesen on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Let's get started!

How to make the best Sourdough Pizza | Recipe for Italian pizza | Foodgeek

Foodgeek on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Wipe as much oil as possible

Everything You Need To Know About Your Cast Iron Skillet • Tasty

Tasty on YouTube by @aurelir
Pepsi presenta a ... Soda Stereo (en exclusiva)

Comerciales de México: Segunda parte de 1988-1989

Angel Milian on YouTube by @aurelir
left high lunnge!

Morning Yoga Workout ♥ Better Than The Gym | Strength & Stretch

Boho Beautiful on YouTube by @xinchung
Heavy Bubbles!!

Game Of Thrones Cast Funny Commercials.

LAUGH OR DIE on YouTube by @aurelir

Neural Network Dreams About Beautiful Natural Scenes

Two Minute Papers on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Wuhan Lab was doing "gain-of-function" research on coronavirus

Newsweek Bombshell: Covid-19 Virus Lab-Made? Fauci Connected?

Peak Prosperity on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Bezos as Space Based CEO?

Curtis Yarvin Live at the Based Deleuze Release Party in LA (Mencius Moldbug)

Justin Murphy on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Script by Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss)

Your Job in Germany, 1945

US National Archives on YouTube by @bvschwartz
The Next War

Hitler Lives (1945 propaganda)

runderwo on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Wake word is "Grasshopper"

LipSurf 1.10 New Features Walkthrough

LipSurf on YouTube by @bvschwartz

Dr. Anthony Fauci Cold Open - SNL

Saturday Night Live on YouTube by @anonymous

Yoga For Hips & Lower Back Release | Yoga With Adriene

Yoga With Adriene on YouTube by @anonymous
so it'd be interesting to check that

President Trump Suggests ‘Injecting’ Disinfectant as Coronavirus Cure | NBC New York

NBC New York on YouTube by @bvschwartz

President Trump Tweets Campaign Ad Mocking Biden & Obama!

HOLLYWIERD /NEWS 2.0 on YouTube by @bvschwartz

Do You Want To... (Frozen Quarantine Parody)

The Holderness Family on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Disassemble a chicken

Good Eats S04E02 Fry Hard II The Chicken

Randal Green on YouTube by @bvschwartz
There's a PsyOp going on!

Are There Lockdown Protests? - Questions For Corbett

corbettreport on YouTube by @bvschwartz
I guess this is what I'll be doing tomorrow!

Costco Prime Ribeye- Oh My!

GeekyAsianDad on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Pick funny name instead of @anonymous?

Vidmark Feature Triage vs Giphy Vlipsy GIFit! 200416

Try Vidmark on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Next firmware update feature

The Beauty Of Blade Runner 2049

The Beauty Of on YouTube by @anonymous
Sheer poetry in action!

High Hydration dough Shaping

San Francisco Baking Institute on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Adrian is advisor to CSTM!💪🏿

New Fitstar Personal Trainer Walk-Through

Fitstar by Fitbit on YouTube by @xinchung
1980's (?) mobile phone

Behind the Scenes | Good Eats: Reloaded

Alton Brown on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Advantages of Machine Learning

Russel McClellan - A practical perspective on deep learning in audio software

JUCE on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Reactivate dried sourdough starter

3 Lazy Ways To Put Your Sourdough Starter On Hold ! Sourdough Bread Odyssey

Alex on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Face Generator

Computer Generates Human Faces

CodeParade on YouTube by @bvschwartz
and throw away the oars forever

REO Speedwagon - Can't Fight This Feeling (Official Music Video)

RSpwagonVEVO on YouTube by @anonymous
"Hitler the behavioral biologist," lol

1. Introduction to Human Behavioral Biology

Stanford on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Chapter 4. Flaws of the Roman Empire

01. Course Introduction: Rome's Greatness and First Crises

YaleCourses on YouTube by @bvschwartz
What if you could timestamp video??

UX interview Anthony UCSB Freshman

Smute on YouTube by @anonymous
new and improved procedure for hard cooked eggs

FULL EPISODE | The Egg Files: The Reload with Alton Brown | Good Eats: Reloaded

Cooking Channel on YouTube by @bvschwartz

Urbit OS1 Launch

Urbit _ on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Botao Xiao

I Found The Source of the Coronavirus

laowhy86 on YouTube by @bvschwartz
So Cute!

Wolong Grove Panda Cam powered by

Explore Bears & Bison on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Virus are not dead or alive... they occupy a gray zone

Where Did Viruses Come From?

PBS Eons on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Painfully hot

Gordon Ramsay Savagely Critiques Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

First We Feast on YouTube by @bvschwartz

Belarus Dictator Says Vodka Shots, Saunas Combat COVID

Fourthestate Alliance on YouTube by @anonymous
The Hypnotic Loop

How Hypnosis Works (The Hypnotic Loop)

James Tripp - Chaos Wave on YouTube by @upotato88

Alton Brown reviews Amazon's dumbest kitchen gadgets

The Daily Dot on YouTube by @upotato88
just listen

Internet Quarantine Etiquette

Internet Comment Etiquette with Erik on YouTube by @anonymous

Eclipse 2017 from "M Hill" in Madras, OR

Bruce Schwartz on YouTube by @anonymous

Tony Hawk Skates First Downward Spiral Loop - BTS

RIDE Channel on YouTube by @anonymous
Is this still white?

Blade Runner 2049 Ambient Mix

Ambient Film Tracks on YouTube by @xinchung

Slap Shot (3/10) Movie CLIP - The Hanson Brothers (1977) HD

Movieclips on YouTube by @anonymous

60 Days Build Millionaire Underground Swimming Pool House

Mr. Tfue on YouTube by @anonymous
Air pollution and COVID-19

Climate Alarmism Kills

Tony Heller on YouTube by @anonymous
Show us what you got

"Slap Shot" Revisited with Dave Hanson

PRIMAL INTERVIEWS on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Another test!

WORLD's LARGEST Bistecca Fiorentina Sous Vide - Porterhouse Steak T-Bone

Sous Vide Everything on YouTube by @anonymous
PER 80s ROXX!!! 🚀🚀🚀

Rodney Mullen - Freestyle Contest Oceanside 1986

80sFreestyle on YouTube by @xinchung

Improve Your Slapshot: Quarantine Camp Day 9

Coach Jeremy on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Calculate the new Q-Value

Exploration vs. Exploitation - Learning the Optimal Reinforcement Learning Policy

deeplizard on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Tuning the Micro Instance for Websites

Hosting a Website on Google Cloud Platform | Free Hosting

Chris Titus Tech on YouTube by @bvschwartz

Finding Nemo- Shark Scene- Bruce

Clips4You on YouTube by @xinistar
Hypercapnic Failure (Type 2)

Principles of Mechanical Ventilation 1: Goals and Indications for MV

RespiratoryReview on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Sub 6 minute 2K

Cameron Buchan 5:54 2km ERG TEST - Real Time Tips

Cameron Buchan on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Our new theme song!

The Police - Don't Stand So Close To Me

Andrew Lauder on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Python Coding Challenge

Q Learning Explained (tutorial)

Siraj Raval on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Cool Venue

Grateful Dead - Truckin' (New York, NY 10/30/80) (Official Live Video)

Grateful Dead on YouTube by @bvschwartz

Who Do You Love - Cobra - Mona (1980) Cipollina-Graventies Band

aurora1957A on YouTube by @anonymous
Branford and Jerry!

Grateful Dead w/ Branford Marsalis - 12/31/90 - Oakland Coliseum Arena (OFFICIAL)

Music Vault on YouTube by @anonymous
Sting wants his MTV

Dire Straits / Sting - Money For Nothing (Live Aid 1985)

Live Aid on YouTube by @anonymous
Skip the intro... Who Do You Love?

George Thorogood - Who Do You Love? - 7/5/1984 - Capitol Theatre (Official)

GeorgeThorogood on MV on YouTube by @anonymous
Meatloaf again?

Meat Loaf - Paradise By The Dashboard Light

MeatLoafVEVO on YouTube by @anonymous
Hypnotic Phenomena

Hypnotic Glove Anesthesia

ClinicalHypnosis on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Zero for success???

Why 0 and 1 Exit Codes

Kris Occhipinti on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Top relay board


Scottthefixitguy on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Control Board

How to repair control panel on a Thermador double oven

bird brian on YouTube by @bvschwartz
First successful drone ship landing

How Not to Land an Orbital Rocket Booster

SpaceX on YouTube by @bvschwartz
An extreme exjazzeration

How to Pronounce Hyperbole

PronunciationManual on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Interesting technique

Heart shape acrylic pour love - fluid art demo with bubbles

Mii Paintings on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Shows all the steps but doesn't explain anything

The Perfect Sourdough Pizza (Bread Porn)

Pro Home Cooks on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Good Point

Donald Trump Gives Advice to ‘Sleepy’ Joe Biden

Breitbart News on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Dr. Evil's skull?


Charles Kos on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Backing track

Inside The Rhapsody (Bohemian Rhapsody mini documentary, 2002) 3 of 3

Queen Official on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Just put in the right amount of dry ice

Filling your Soda Stream with Dry Ice

Sail on Sail Pending on YouTube by @v*beester
Put on the show!

Action Bronson and Friends Watch Ancient Aliens - Forged By the Gods (S2 EP7) Martellus Bennett

sequiser.vallier on YouTube by @anonymous
OMG! It was wired wrong for 20 years.

Thermador Cooktop - ignition repair - spark controller wiring error

Jeremy Condie on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Dry aged lamb? Bad idea!

I Dry Aged EVERY Meat, ATE them and this happened!

Guga Foods on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Nice loaf!

How To Make A Perfect Authentic French Baguette- Recipe

Hoops and more! on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Zeki! You need a sharpener like that!

Butchering A New York Strip Loin

Big Blend Magazines on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Cut Costco Whole Top Loin into about 14 steaks

Cutting Your Own Steaks from Whole Top Loin

dicecut on YouTube by @bvschwartz
I wrote the program so it would last forever

Donald Knuth - Re-writing TeX using the feedback I received (67/97)

Web of Stories - Life Stories of Remarkable People on YouTube by @bvschwartz
glory hole

Craft in America: COMMUNITY episode

Craft in America on YouTube by @anonymous
LANDING? (See puff of smoke/spray to the right)

WATCH NOW: SpaceX to Launch Starlink Falcon 9 #InternetCommunicationSatellites @10:05am EST

SPACE (Official) on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Trick move?

Interesting move or trick move? From 3-3 checking with AI Gopro Yeonwoo

Go Pro Yeonwoo on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Police abuse!

UC SANTA CRUZ STRIKE: 17 arrested in standoff between police and striking students

KPIX CBS SF Bay Area on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Add the salt after mixing leaven, flour, and water.

How To Make The Best Sourdough Bread | Dear Test Kitchen

Food52 on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Too much oil on the steaks!

Why I Flavor My Butter, NOT My Steak

Adam Ragusea on YouTube by @bvschwartz
The Best Is Yet To Come!

The Best Is Yet To Come (2008 Remastered)

Frank Sinatra - Topic on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Per is awesome too


JPOTT GAMING on YouTube by @xinistar
hey this video is really rad; i was just in #venice


Braille Skateboarding on YouTube by @xinistar
This is where it happens

NHL Highlights | Canucks @ Sharks 1/29/20

NHL on YouTube by @anonymous
Even this 11mm boron-carbide shackle can't withstand the bolt cutter

[765] How Tough are Master Lock’s Boron Carbide Shackles?

LockPickingLawyer on YouTube by @bvschwartz
No you didn't!

Ricky Gervais ROASTING People

Toasty Videos on YouTube by @anonymous


Training Tall on YouTube by @anonymous
Almost 3:00


TSN on YouTube by @bvschwartz
For the saucer pass it depends on the curve of your blade

MHH Hockey Tutorials: How to Make A Saucer Pass Like A Pro

Mountain High Hockey on YouTube by @v*beester
Couldn't hear "Phil"

Grateful Dead - The Other One

sin1496 on YouTube by @anonymous
After 3 hours of proofing

How to Make Almost No-Knead Sourdough Bread at Home

America's Test Kitchen on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Ricky goes on and on and on about how rich he is. He doesn't always fly first class... sometimes private. I wonder how rich he really is? Is it true that he always flies first class?

The Reason Ricky Gervais Won't Have Kids | Ricky Gervais: Humanity

Netflix UK & Ireland on YouTube by @bvschwartz
I like it even more runny, he said.

Jacques Pépin Techniques: How To Properly Poach An Egg

KQED Food on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Eat the cap and throw away the rest of the cow.

How to Cut a Whole Boneless Ribeye Into Steak : Beef & Roasts

cookingguide on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Removing reaction

Cat Allergy Gone in 30 Minutes

Luke Michael Howard Cht on YouTube by @bvschwartz
The Method

NLP Hypnosis Self allergy cure

Mike Mandel Hypnosis on YouTube by @bvschwartz

Hypnosis Vs. Mesmerism - World's Fastest Hypnotist Sean Michael Andrews

Sean Michael Andrews on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Pro tip! Start with unsweetened pineapple juce instead of water!

Cultivate Your Own Wild Yeast Starter

The King's Roost on YouTube by @bvschwartz
Day 4 feeding the starter

The Ultimate Sourdough Starter Guide

Joshua Weissman on YouTube by @bvschwartz